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Welcome To Iron Tyne

Passion for health, fitness, and hunting - these are the qualities that sparked the adventure that is now Iron Tyne. With the goal of promoting shooting sport along with physical athleticism, we understand that building toward anything new involves a continual learning process. It's difficult, there's growing pains, and most days we're left wondering why we came back for more. Whether it's at the gym, on the range, or in the field, we're persistently focused on refining our process to attain the vision and goals we've set for ourselves. We want to grow together! Embrace the process - set the pace!


Our group is working on incorporating aspects of weight training, cardio, and shooting sports into workout routines and competitive events. These activities will aim to welcome newcomers and challenge veterans of the hunting and fitness world. We're focused on creating athletic balance in an environment where being strong and fast are just as important as being accurate. For the time being, we're still developing our concepts and ideas, and we will continue to update our page as we make further progress.

Balance in everything. Bridging the gap between shooting and athleticism.


Working hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM


Dallas, Texas